Supercell has made it known that a new update will be available soon for clash of clans game and they have gone on to activate the traditional 1 gem boost. Meaning players can boost all their gold, elixir and dark elixir collectors for only 1 gem. This will allow users amass resources to prepare for the big update. So far there has been a lot of buzz and speculation surrounding what to expect for the new update and even Supercell have outright made some of the new stuff known. Users expect stuff like;
• Friendly challenge
• Troops upgrades (balloon and lava hound)
• New spell
• New troops (baby dragon and the miner)

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Some of the other changes are aimed specifically at improving the overall speed and efficiency of the game. So we are also going to see a lot of game balancing in this new update.
As with all updates, there are always a lot of mixed feelings, excitements, disappointments and surprises. There is a constant debate on what users generally feel is more important and what they feel is not really necessary. Be that as it may, every update up until now has had an effect on the game and consequent balancing smoothens out all rough edges.
What’s more is that this new update cuts across more town halls than the recent updates we’ve seen in the past that was solely focused on town hall 10 and town hall 11. Also with the new troops that we are anticipating, they are sure to be more interesting than the bowler that we saw in the last update. Everybody loves a new troop. Also the new spell will be adding something fresh to the overall gameplay.
In the past few days we have seen so many sneak peeks of the new May update. One of the latest reveals the friendly challenges. One of the main bones of contention has been about this feature which mimics what we see in the sister game Clash Royale where users can challenge each other to friendly battles to test out their skills. Several users in the Clash of Clans community have expressed concerns of how this new feature will ruin a certain aspect of the game. If users can practice their attack formations against different base types without penalty in the form of resources or trophy, it will take away from the excitement of winning a clan war on first try. Luckily Supercelll have solved this problem by making it so that layouts modified within the last 24 hours will not be accessible for friendly challenges.
A few of the less notable but no less effective updates that we can anticipate are listed below:
• A new chat stream with a built in request button
• Live spectator count during clan wars
• Builder suggestions where a builder suggests the upgrades you should embark on next
• A bunch of new features for the edit mode tools
• Improvements in the donation feature and a host of others.
Prepare yourselves for the May update. It is going to be super!

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